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Default Mum there's a Monster!!

So..I'm playing Monster Hunter 3 last night with my 12yo watching me. He loves the game and it's actually becoming a rather enjoyable experience for us both...me playing him watching. He also remembers everything, combos for potions, what part of the map certain mobs are on...he's a handy boy to have around I don't get to play much so I'm not very far into the game. I was doing the Guts quest....where you're in the water and you encounter that rotton great big monster...something starting with L? Anyway...we'd moved back to 10 and we're happily killing stuff.

Martin: I think I saw that monster
*climbs over the back of the couch*
Me: Where? I don't see it. Don't climb over the couch like that please.
*Martin crawls on all 4's around the side of the couch*
Martin: it was just there..I'm sure I saw it.
Me: Where is 'just there' that's not a very accurate direction.
*me starts gathering coral...cause I can't go past stuff you can gather*
*Martin screams, jumps up, stands directly in front of me*
Martin: There it is! There it is! Mum it's coming straight for you RUN
Me: Move out of the way I can't see! Where is it?!
Martin: It's right there! It's heading straight for you are you blind...MUM RUN!!!
Me: I can't see, you are standing right in front of me, get out of the way!!!
Martin: Your not that old, your eyes aren't that bad, yes it's right in front of you...MUM IT'S KILLING YOU!!! RUN MUM RUN!!!

By this stage the over-excited child is doing some type of war dance in the middle of the lounge and I was sitting on the couch not even bothering to try to do anything.

Martin: Mum you died...why didn't you run?
*Martin turns to look at me, turns back to look at the tv, turns back to me*
Martin: you can't see can you?
Me: no
Martin: you coudn't see the whole time?
Me: no
Martin: I was in your way?
Me: yes
Martin: It's my fault your dead.
Me: yes
Martin: I'm sorry mum....can I still watch?
Me: yes...as long as you sit right there and don't move!

I love play time with my kids

thank you Birko for the sig
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Ahaha, that's lovely Ebony

I'm looking forward to my little girl getting into games with me. She's 1 now, and she loves sitting in my lap watching me play. She try to play as well, her favourite game is "Turn off daddy's wifi controller" or "See if daddy can control his character while the camera pans backwards or in wild random directions"
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nice one... ha ha ha
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