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Originally Posted by PunkieBera31 View Post
Dead Space, Eternal Sonata (both started but not even at the half-way mark)
Dead Space is easily one of the best games I have played. Give it another try Trust Me you won't be disappointed.

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Mine is every driving or race simm I love them, but I never get the time to finish them. Oh and I hate to say the Elders Scroll Oblivion another great game I got 3/4s the way through and some how the save game got corrupt and I lost all my game content I have restarted from scratch but don't have the TIME ARRRRRGGGGGGG and Fall Out 3 is the getting the same way. I just wish there was 28 hrs in the day, and I could fit more gaming in with out the wife and kids getting put out sorts with me
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Aliens vs Predator - played for all of an hour to see what it was like. Never got back to it.
Red Dead Redemption - Played for all of 3 hours. I'd love to get into this game, but I just haven't had time. I literally haven't turned on my PS3 since mid July.
Heavy Rain - still in its placcy wrap. Again, love to play, comes recommended, but time has been of the essence recently.
GTA4 Expansion (Gay Tony/Lost & Damned) - played the first five missions of L&D, but again, found other RL things that got in the way :/

I hope this trend doesn't continue too long.
I still have Just Cause 2 to finish off and Lego Harry Potter - the latter, I'm ashamed to say, my 4yo son and 5yo daughter have finished the story levels before I've even finished the 2nd book.
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On the PS3 it would have to be saints Row 2 for me, I got it free with the console and played it for about an hour on the first night I got my console and I haven't touched it since, I do intend to though.

On the PC I would have to say Dragon Age too, I got as far as a level set in the fade and unlike the rest of the game to that point it is annoying, stupid and ugly and I just cant bring myself to play through it even though I want to play the rest of the game.

I also have a ton of weekend deal games on my Steam account that I paid next to nothing for and just don't have the time to play.

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