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DarkDuck 12th November 2010 10:01 PM

Advice for a friend, and potential togger
Hi All

I have a friend, this friend wants to play a mmo type of game (like the wow type but not WoW) and on the XBox 360!

He is not keen on FPS, and he used to play a game called the fourth rune which he enjoyed. but wants something similar on the XBox.

Any idea's toggers? I was also hoping for something tog related, that way he can start up the game and walk into a developed community. helps break the ice abit.

thanks for your time guys.



George 12th November 2010 10:37 PM

The elder scrolls springs to mind. Not sure when the release date is? I think it may be early 2011???

Edit: Well, google messes with me again and it could be released now or never.

Cindax 17th November 2010 09:48 AM

Does he want MMO, lots of people and online community, like WOW, or both?
Xbox isn't known for its mmo games but there are some out there, most of them coming soon tbh.

As George mentioned, TES (Wow-ish, less cartoon like)
Kingdom Under Fire II (Wow-ish, less cartoon like)
Final fantasy (Wow-ish, some out and some coming)
Monster Hunter Frontier Online (only jp so far)
Champions Online (Hi-tech, old)
Stargate Worlds (Hi-tech and I think this may be canceled)

If single play is ok direct him towards..
Sacred 2
Fable (maybe to linear)
Dragon Age (maybe to linear)

That exhausts my knowledge of xbox wow like games, good luck.
I know there are plenty of other fantasy setting games out there but most are linear single player experiences.

Ancient_One 17th November 2010 04:59 PM

Is Fallout 3 on xbox. Another single player MMO and it's follow on Fallout New Vegas.

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