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Default Platform games - seeking recommendations

Hello friends,

My wife and I played through New Super Mario Bro's on the Wii, and depsite me taking over she seemed to have a good time; so much so she is now asking what other platform games mgiht be available.

I was wondering if the TOG console community could recommend what I should get? Can be for 360 or Wii. Prefer: co-op possible, 2D, moderate difficulty.

I think she likes NSMB because it is pretty straight forward i.e. get from left to right squishing anything that moves along the way. I remember I tried to get her to play Lost Winds once, a platformer, but she didn't like it as you can get lost easily.

Tbh I'm really looking forward to Kirby's Epic Yarn, and I reckon that will fit the bill. Donkey Kong Country Returns has recieved rave reviews too, but I hear it's really hard so I figured that might frustrate her (or me :P).

Anything else you guys played/ playing and enjoyed that you could recomend?

PS Merry Christmas.
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Have you tried some of the ones on offer in the XBOX market place?

Some that might be worth a look:

Raskulls - Xbox.com
Super Meat Boy - Xbox.com
Doritos Crash Course - Xbox.com (This one is free so at least worth a download )
Splosion Man - Xbox.com (I just got this recently, fun game )
Sonic Adventure - Xbox.com
The UnderGarden - Xbox.com
Earthworm Jim HD - Xbox.com (Old school and hard)
Comic Jumper - Xbox.com
Ancients of Ooga - Xbox.com
ilomilo - Xbox.com
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There's a motor bike platformer on the marketplace too that's well worth checking out.

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My wife especially enjoyed Mario Kart and Super Mario Galaxy (so much that she actually chased after me to play, instead of the other way around). The 360 comes with Hexic which she enjoyed, and she liked Lego Indiana Jones a lot but quickly tired of Lego Star Wars.
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Give Lego Harry Potter a go mate. Wife and I played through it twice.
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Originally Posted by Ancient_One View Post
Give Lego Harry Potter a go mate. Wife and I played through it twice.
*ANY* of the Lego Games -
Batman is my (and my 4yo son's) favourite, followed closely by the others (in no particular order):
Star Wars, Indiana Jones (Original and Continues), Harry Potter years 1-4 (5-7 coming out next year) and Star Wars Clone wars due for release in Feb.
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I will also throw in my vote for the lego games.

Another one you might want to look at for the Wii is Donkey Kong Country Returns I've been playing it a fair bit and it's cool fun! Good thing is...if one player is not as skilled as the other they can play as Diddy - he gets to ride on DK's back so the less skilled player can still join in the fun. Great for if you're playing with the kids too (I usually play Diddy in those instances )

thank you Birko for the sig
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Zelda Ocerina of time... On the Wii download store now!
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Old 3rd January 2011, 12:44 AM   #10 (permalink)
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If you ended up getting a 360, Raskulls is on sale in the online marketplace right now. My wife and I have been playing it every spare minute the last few days.
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