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Default Foxtel now unmetered on Xbox360 for Bigpond Users

The launch of Foxtel on Xbox 360 was a mostly successful, but bogged down by the fact that no unmetered deal was available with any Australian Broadband providers. Now Microsoft and Foxtel have announced that the Foxtel service on Xbox 360 will be unmetered for Telstra BigPond users.

"This arrangement with Telstra is a big win for FOXTEL on Xbox 360 users,” claimed FOXTEL Patrick Delany, Executive Director of Product & Sales, “allowing unmetered access to thousands of hours of great programming – all without a FOXTEL fixed term contract. There are around 1.3 million Xbox consoles in Australia and getting unmetered access to FOXTEL on Xbox 360 is now as simple as plugging into BigPond internet to give subscription TV a go.”

In addition to unmetered access to Foxtel, Telstra BigPond users will also have access to six BigPond TV channels covering sport, racing and news.
“Hundreds of thousands of Australian homes now have access to BigPond TV channels which makes a compelling reason to get online through Telstra,” claimed J-B Rousselot, Telstra’s Executive Director of Media. “BigPond’s unmetered content is already a hit with T-Box, Samsung and LG customers, and we’re pleased to be bringing unmetering to customers connected to FOXTEL on Xbox 360.”

Foxtel On 360 Now Unmetered For Telstra BigPond Users | Kotaku Australia
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Don't you still have to sign up to a Foxtel Plan. So really where is the benefit at all.
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Originally Posted by Ancient_One View Post
Don't you still have to sign up to a Foxtel Plan. So really where is the benefit at all.
No you dont.
Its almost comparable to the price of the multi-room plans.
If your with Bigpond (unmetered) and you want something from the basic back, $20 p/m is cheap tv.

But like you said.. I already have Foxtel so the whole thing is no interest to me.
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What I don't understand is if it is streamed to the 360 why do Foxtel still impose the "metro area only" limitation?
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Austar own the rights to sell Foxtel. Foxtel can't go around undercutting them. Pure & simple. If anyone needs a metro address for their Foxtel on XBox they're welcome to use mine. (Or any other for that matter - they don't check.)

Also, it uses about 350mb/hr at medium.
It's nothing.

150gb Internode plan here, and I download my fair share of tv, and game patches and whatnot, and have Foxtel on Xbox and never get close to capped.

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