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Default Price Drop of $150 on the 22/8/2011

I just saw this in the SMH and thought I would share

Sony has slashed the price of the PlayStation 3 in Australia by $150.
The 160GB the entry-level PS3 console will now cost $349.95, while the model with a 320GB hard drive will cost $449.95.
The price change comes into effect on Monday, August 22.

Read more: PS3 $150 price cut

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Could this be a prelude to the release of the PS4 everyone seems to think is already in production. Interesting considering the timing.

Probably more the case that it's been 2 years since the slim where the HD doubled instead of a price drop. The threat of the Wii U might also be a factor and the driving force behind the price drop to keep sales moving.

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Ideal time for a price drop really, some huge releases coming out over the next few months and then it's christmas time. Should see a pretty big sales boost from it.
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Yea sales tactic devs havent even unlocked the max of the PS3 yet
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