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Dangerous - Post: 675

Default what's going :)

Hey Guys how's everyone in the console world these days. I haven't played my 360 for close to a month now . But lately been thinking about getting back in it .

Just play a hour daily to keep is super casual. Aside from that with x mas around the corner and Boxing day here in Canada on december 26th I am possibly looking to maybe pick up 1 or 2 games that are purely fun not too addictive lol

prolly won't be playing online anymore though . single player seems more stress free and relaxing. aside from that I am moving to a new place in the 1st week of january.
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I am looking for someone to do coop on BF3 and I understand your frustration in the multiplayer part of the game if you don’t play a lot you get owned and if you play a lot you don’t have a life or a wife if you had one lol. I still hook up with my brother playing WOW every now and then. There are not enough hours in the day.
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