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Originally Posted by LuthienCeleste View Post
In this age of journaling file systems there is no excuse for that.
Under no circumstances should the filesystem get corrupt ever from user actions or sudden power interruption. Neither should any game ever lose a save if it were saved in a different file, cache flused and lastly old save deleted.
Consider PS3 as a partially deffective product

Is it possible to do backups in an exterior storage?
Yeah there is a "backup utility" on the PS3 that allows you to backup the contents of your PS3's HD to an external device. I do a backup about once a month to avoid the OP's problem. Also if your PS3 does get shut off in the middle of a game & a screen that says your file system may be corrupted shows up when you restart it just press the circle button & your PS3 will start as normal. You do not have to reformat your HD if you get that screen. More than likely there is no corrupted data cause that screen is just a safety cache. Any corrupted data can be removed by just deleting the offending save or game data from the XMB anyways. The only thing it will effect is the game or save itself, not the PS3 as a whole.

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Originally Posted by Ancient_One View Post
Backup of the game saves is problematic with some content not permitted to be backed up. Protected content save files as an example.

Backups of the whole system takes hours and hours and hours. I mean really. Hours. Takes just as long to reinstall it as well.

It's an overnight set and forget type of setup.

I too have had complete system freezes with the only choice is to disconnect the power. Then the file system becomes corrupt and does a rebuild. Has happened to me say 20 times in the last few years. The worst was when I was playing Fallout 3. That game really had some issues.
The file system does not always become corrupted from a hard reset of your PS3. The PS3 is made to bring that screen up after any improper shutdown & you can just press the circle button to get out of that screen & in to the XMB. If there is any corrupted saves or game data it will only affect that particular game or save & can be rectified by just deleting that single save or game data file. Also copyright protected data will transfer fine when using the backup utility or data transfer utility. It don't work when you try to transfer it in any other way. Like using a flash stick to transfer a protected save to someone else's PS3. Hopefully this info will save you some time & stress in the future.
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seriously?? Glad you shared your experience. That would really be scary if it were to happen to me, i'd go crazy. You learned it the hard way, eh?
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