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Thumbs up The TOG Console Division member list.

The TOG Console Division member list.

This is a Living list and will be updated with details as provided by the members.

I will action the requests and remove your posts after completing that request. ie. once the list is updated.

You can either ask for your details to be removed or added.

Update Gamer Tags, ID's and codes as required.

To have your details added to the list please post up your information in the following format:

(Cut and past this into your post ... saves on all that typing!

Region of the world I live in: eg. USA, AUS, UK, EU, ASIA, Oceanic.
My Playstation PSN ID:
My Wii Code:
Preferred game genre: eg. FPS, RPG.
Gaming style: eg. Casual, Online.
Currently playing:

(Use my post as a guide, found here)

*Please Note* - This list is in the Public section of the TOG forums. Non members will be able to see the details posted here.

Any questions, please PM The Caretaker.

TOG MemberPSN IDXBL Gamer TagWii CodeLocationPreferred Game GenreGaming StyleCurrently Playing
aDzDooM aDzDooM AUSFPS/RPG/DrivingCasualNFS Rivals/BF4/COD Ghosts/DR3/Titanfall
Ancient_OneAncient_One  AUSRPGCasualLego/AC All
anxiousgeek anxiousgeek UKRPG/Strategy/Platform/Puzzle/LegoCasual/OnlineGotham City Imposters/Oblivion/Minecraft/Civilisation Revolution/Dust
anisbet87anisbet87  AUS   
ArepThhpttArep USA   
Awe$oMe oarsume AUS   
barfarinabarfarinabarfarina AUS   
Blazia Angstlust CAN   
BloodwrychAussienomad  AUS   
bruhdontwaketheKIDS  USA   
CadderCadder_au  AUS  MAG/AVP
Cakemeister Cakemeister USA   
ChiefTrent_Steele  AUS  MAG/RDR
ChimeraSyckSyde31  AUS   
ChrysarChrysar1   FPS/RPG/Racing/SimulationsCasual/OnlineWatch Dogs/Need for Speed/Warframe/Destiny
clickclickaus  AUS  MW2/RDR
Compass RoseMeganHunterA Compass Rose3802 2375 2130 5266USA   
CragglesTOG_CragglesTOG Craggles/T0pSEcRe7 AUS  MAG/BFBC2
CroziacCroziac2Croziac1 AUSFPS/RPGCasualF2P PS4/ Destiny
DarkMellieDarkMellieDarkMellie AUS   
DarkMerlin Kingcorrupter USA   
diggersannieboo  UK   
Dravin DarkLordDravin USAFPS/RPG/Lego gamesCasualTitanfall
DunluceDunluce2  AUS   
Ebonytears  7555 7357 7369 1869AUS   
ErukulErukulErukul  FunCasual/OnlineForza 5/Destiny/Second Son
EvilDSpazzyRoboSpazzyRobo UK   
Exploitexploit44expl0it0844 0091 7078 8198AUS  MW2/FORZA III
Fall-Of-Enosis Fall of Enosis USA   
FfrrostMonkey FfrrostMonkey USA   
FiremedicFiremedicFiremedic623 USA  BF-BC2
FunkyJfunkyjFunkyJ AU AUS  MAG/MW2
Gash Tali3604074 5579 4304 0729AUS   
GeorgeGeorgeUAE  UAE  BF-BC2/RDR
GiantDave7 GiantDave7 AUS   
GilbergaGilberga500  AUSRPG/TBS/AnythingCasual/Online/Co-opAC4/Trials fusion/Rayman legends
gilttgiltt42  UK  MAG
GlenGraingerGlenGrainger  AUS   
GrenadyrGrenadyr  USA   
GrimmCopperHeadZedCopperHeadZed AUS   
gritcharChuccar  AUSVarietyCasual/OnlineD3
GrumpyOlBasterd GrumpyOlBasterd USA  BF-BC2
GryphorusGryphorus  AUS   
haversinehaversine  USA   
ima poster zalp66 UK   
Incise TOG Incise6629 1540 2478 4711UK  MW2
isoutsidersisoutsider  USA   
izombiheartzoeyizombiheartzoeyizombiheartzoey USA   
JAKGladneyJAKGladneyMurray Siskind USA  MW2,*RDR
jaxatak7 jaxatak7 USA   
jonny2combzjonny2combzaujonny2combz AUSFPS/RPG/RacingCasual/Online/Co-opBF 3/BF 4/Halo 4
KalamMindstainMastodonfan USAAnythingCasual/ModerateTitanfall/Diablo 3/Destiny
Kg0bartek555  AUS  MW2
Kizkizkat 1475 4971 3849 9077AUS   
Knux2Knux_2Yalcan USARPG/FPSCasualWatchdogs
lazkenlazkenlazken UK  MAG
LongtomDarkcrystal000SteveO777 AUSRPGCasual/OnlineGTA V
LudyOkiludyOkiludy JPN   
maggot_bagsellfcon  AUS   
Malorg517 Malorg USA   
Maca591Maca591Maca591 AUSFPS/RPGCasual/OnlineCOD: Ghost/Forza 5
Max Damage MaxDamage AU AUS   
mcdMagix HawtPanda AUS   
MeOnFireMeOnFire  AUS  MW2/MAG
merwoodVirtueous  CAN   
Metrofish metrofish 2008 USA  BF-BC2
Metrofish metrofish 2008 USA   
Mettleking Mettleking AUS   
michael617RedivivusFever  USA   
mindspat Mindspat USA   
MixZ akaMixZ AUSFPS/RPGCasual/OnlineDiablo 3 RoS/Destiny
Monde MondeZA SA   
morbiusMorbius76  AUS  RDR,*MNR
n3rd_r4geN3RD_R4GE1001N3RD RAG1NG AUSFPS/MMO/RPG/RacingCasual/Online/Co-opDead Rising/NFS Rivals/Wolfenstien-NO/Madden on One.
Naba  7555 7357 7369 1869AUS   
Nerran Lourelite AUS   
NightlifeNightlifeOz  AUS   
No.42Number42FortyTwo  AUS   
Ntoxicaytd Ntoxicaytd USA   
okkervilNamhsramNamhsram AUS   
OldTomoldtom29  AUSSports Sim/RPG/Free Madden 15/War Thunder/Warframe
Oomii Brazoomii USA   
Open Eyed Dream Open Eyed Dream UKRPG/Strategy/FPSOnlineHalo 4/GTA V/Destiny
ozivillanozivillanTOG ozivillan AUS  MAG,*RDR
Paddypadwa3  AUSRPG/RacingCasualWoW
Pittbullv5Pittbullv5  USA   
Psycho BunyipPsycho_BunyipPsycho Bunyip5962 1048 0158 3022AUS   
Pharoah WTEPharoah USARPG/SportsCasual/OnlineACIV/NBA/FIFA/GTA V/Don Bradman Cricket 14
PunkieBera31Garfield2070Aozorano Namida8669-5148-8121-5229USA   
Pure MongrelMongrel_56Pure Mongrel8483 7863 6795 2458AUS  MAG/RDR/BF-BC2/MNR
quickstaquicksta__  AUS  RDR
R4ZORRydier08  AUS   
RaarkRaark  AUSRPG/FPS/MMORPG/AnythingCasual/OnlineGTA V - PS3/COD Ghosts /NFS Rivals - PS4
razalomRazalomRazalom AUS   
ResolveKemisto  AUS   
retribution128ret_ri_bu_tion  AUSRPG/AdventureCasualFinal Fantasy
RicaRica79Rica79 AUS   
Ryoryotog  USA   
salvationjane777togsj777  AUS   
ScratchesPatient_AlphaScratches Fury AUS  RDR,*MNR
ScymanThirtyNDirtyThirtyNDirty CAN   
Shadowstarz Shadowstarz USA   
SharkaSharka760  AUSFPS/RPGCasual/OnlineBF4/COD
shottaFasturnShottaq USA   
sigh71sigh71  AUS  BF-BC2
SleightySleightyAust  AUS   
SliqcoreSliQcoreSliQcore USAMMO/RPGCasual 
SmerbevSmerbev  AUSRPG/FPS/SportCasualWatchdogs/Killzone/Transistor
SpamIrwinSpamIrwinSpamIrwin AUS   
spencerfourhirespencerfourhire  USA   
SpunkmeyerAnonymus_2000spunkmeyer20004103 3737 8451 8430USA   
StefanieTNStefanieTN  USA   
StingeRMike_BamMike Bam AUS  MW2/FORZA III
StonewolfOzStonewolfOz Stonewolf AUS   
super goalie 1 super goalie 1 AUS  MW2/FORZA III
Sysmon Sysmon NZ   
T H C sniper1 T H C Sniper1 UK   
Teknophyl Teknophyl USA   
theZee thaZee AUS   
Thwackerty51 Thwackerty51 UK   
TopfuelTopfuel84Topfuel84 AUSFPS/RPG/RacingCasual/OnlineForza 5/Destiny/Anything
Tuxcallmetux  AUS   
twodogs drunclexxxx AUS   
usaell Usaell USA   
Vacabck VacaBCK USA   
vermincrusher Vermin Crusher USA   
WickedWookieeWookieeFourA WickedWookiee USA   
X4jamem69LIVE2RIDE AUS  Forza III
XavienArxx  UK   
XxWebslingerxXwebslinger67xxwebslingerxx USA   
YellowMegaManYellowMegaMan  AUS   
ZeigfriedOfeigrTH0R 0dinson AUS   
ZhulMalthaius  USA   
ZudalianZudalianZudalian OceanicAnythingCasual/OnlineAC III/Halo 3/Halo 4

Region of the world I live in: AUS
My Playstation PSN ID: Ancient_One
My Wii Code:
Preferred game genre: RPG
Gaming style: Casual
Currently playing: Assassin's Creed

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Retired Captain
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Region of the world I live in: Oceanic.
My Playstation PSN ID: Zudalian
My XBOX XBL Tag: Zudalian
My Wii Code: n/a
Preferred game genre: Anything I can get my grubby mitts on.. except RTS as you don't play that on a console haha
Gaming style: Offline mainly, but dabble on Online.
Currently playing: Assassins Creed III, Halo 3 & 4
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Region of the world I live in: AUS
My Playstation PSN ID: Darkcrystal000
My XBOX XBL Tag: SteveO777
My Wii Code:
Preferred game genre: RPG
Gaming style: Casual, Online.
Currently playing: GTA V
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Region of the world I live in: Gawler South Australia.
My Playstation PSN ID:jonny2combzau
My XBOX XBL Tag:jonny2combz
My Wii Code:
Preferred game genre: FPS, RPG and racing.
Gaming style: eg. Casual, Online and COOP.
Currently playing: Battlefield 3 PS3, Battlefield 4, Halo 4 Xbox 360
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Region of the world I live in: AUS
My Wii Code:NA
Preferred game genre: Anything.
Gaming style: Hardcore.
Currently playing:BF4 and AC4.
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Region of the world I live in: Boston MA / Naples FL - US
My Playstation PSN ID: SliQcore
My XBOX XBL Tag: SliQcore
Preferred game genre: MMO / RPG
Gaming style: Relaxed but dedicated
If I could get just one past game re-made and re-mastered, it would be: I like my memories but not more than making new ones.
Currently Playing Online: PS4, PS3, 360, Vita, PC
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Region of the world I live in: AUS
My Playstation PSN ID: Raark
Preferred game genre: RPG, FPS, MMORPG, and pretty much anything else.
Gaming style: Casual, Online.
Currently playing: GTA V on ps3, COD Ghosts on ps4, need for speed rivals on ps4
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Region of the world I live in:AUS
My XBOX XBL Tag: aDzDooM
Preferred game genre: eg. FPS, RPG. Driving
Gaming style: eg. Casual
Currently playing:NFS Rivals, BF4, COD Ghosts, DR3 soon Titanfall
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Figured I'd toss my hat in here:

Region of the world I live in: USA
My XBOX XBL Tag: DarkLordDravin
Preferred game genre: FPS & RPG (and really, any Lego game, hah).
Gaming style: Casual to Competitive
Currently playing: Titanfall
XBox One: DarkLordDravin
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Region of the world I live in: AUS
My Playstation PSN ID: Gilberga500
Preferred game genre: Just about anything, love a good RPG or TBS tho
Gaming style: Casual, Online, Co-op - depends on the game really
Currently playing: AC4, Trials fusion, Rayman legends (gotta have one for the fiance) own a PS4 only.
Looking forward to: Evolve, Witcher 3, Watch dogs, maybe Destiny and Tekken or Mortal Kombat on PS4... oh and a new Fallout would be nice too.
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