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Default Best Console for a 6yr old Human Female?

I'm a PC gamer, my partner is a PC gamer, our daughter will be a PC gamer, but not quite yet.

After a discussion of how best to meet our girls growing gaming needs, it was decided that perhaps the time has come to to introduce the small person to the joys of joypads with a Console. Thoughts being that we could spend time with her playing rather than being a spectator & it could become a more family orientated activity.

But which console to choose? What will suit the growing tastes & needs of the average 6yr old human female? Which has (or will have) the better range of software for "Family" entertainment?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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I would stick with handhelds for her (ie., 3DS etc) until she's a bit older and can have her own PC.
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I agree with the handheld advice as well, mainly for Nintendo systems like the 3DS, but mainly for the older titles on the GBA (which I believe are available on the virtual store). Why?

We ourselves grew up on old games and exposing our kids to them before they play newer titles helps them appreciate solid game mechanics over eye candy and see how games have developed over time. They may even have the same interest of old titles as you do
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Only thing with the hand helds is that it's not something we can do with her. We can watch her do it or she can watch us, but we can't do it together. We can do that currently on the Tablet, Laptop or Phone.

I still have all my old consoles going back to the original Orange & Black Sega master System. Sadly, on a modern Hi def TV they are visually beyond awful (when they work), as well as the fact that I wasn't a six year old female (more a 20 something male) when I started with Consoles, so the titles I do have are not going to take her interest.
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If you want something that allows you to participate with her, I strongly suggest board games. It is a lot more interactive and great fun
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When the kids were younger we played on the Nintendo 64, Mario Kart, Mario Party to name but a few. We still dust them off for some gaming fun even now they are 19 and 21.

Both the kids have PS3 now. Plenty of games on that single and multi player. They are a little older now though.

Personally I would buy a Nintendo device for gaming with kids. Love the range of kid friendly games they have.

You could get a cheap Wii with controllers, games and the like cheaper these days.
That would be my suggestion.
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I'd go the Wii or Wii U, they definitely have the most to offer in terms of age appropriate games and the control schemes are generally nice and simple so kids have no trouble with them.

My nephew and I spent ages playing boom blox together when that first came out. He was around 6 or 7 then and had no trouble kicking my arse at it once he understood how it all worked.
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I can't wait until my girls are that little bit older and ready to share computer games with.

I have a Wii and agree with all the comments suggesting it has the most age-appropriate games (like Boom Blox). I brought it out last week for my 4 year old but her manual dexterity and arm strength aren't quite there yet, but 6 sounds like a good age.

The other thing I'm contemplating is getting one or two console controllers for my gaming PC. I have quite a few Lego and other age appropriate platformer-style games on Steam and like the OP I think a controller is going to be easier for small hands to work than a keyboard setup. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has tried this already and hear how it went.
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Agree with the Wii/Wii u, Wii U is a bit short on games, but the Wii has a good selection of party games, by 8 or 9 you will probably be looking at a pc for her anyway. My youngest is 9, and the Wii hardly gets any play time now, but it was great from about 4 yo up.
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When we got the Wii a few years back my second youngest was 5/6 and he absolutely loved it! We played together on it all the time and still do occasionally. The sports games, Mario games and even the dance games which the kids and the wife do together while I laugh! Good times!!
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