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Old 2nd April 2014, 09:13 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Warframe. Looking for clan and/or friends

PSN: akaMixZ

So got a PS4 (finally!) and the first thing I download is Warframe, which to my surprise is a lot of fun on the console. So any fellow Tenno toggers out there that wanna group up and kill things? Are any PSN clan you recommend to link up with?

See you later all.
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i can send you an inv. this afternoon
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I did play it but it got old real fast so deleted it.
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SEN/PSN ID: i3elial (sadly Belial was taken when i had registered the ps3 account)...

I'm on Warframe, but War Thunder's also free, and it's bloody addictive as hell. Got lots of blueprints and higher tier stuff, including a dread which you're welcome to have. Add me, as i'm on pc right now hope to be online within an hour or so when my wife "lets" me :'(
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