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Default Looking for Adult gamers

I'm looking to add friends to my systems,I play mostly RPG type games and i'm currently playing neverwinter on the xbox one and i'm playing final fantasy a realm reborn on the ps4 and Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U.I've pre-ordered Elder scrolls online for the ps4,cant wait to start playing that!!
Here's my gamertag for each system if anyone would like feel free to add me.

Xbox one-Ghostgirl77754
Wii U-
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I am not sure how the TOG front is going for ESO PS4, there is a little movement in that space but it will be a wait and see situation at this stage. With that said I have a couple of RL friends who are moving their Destiny clan to ESO so that will be very healthy.

I installed ESO on PC over the weekend to have a poke around in lieu of the PS4 release, I haven't played ESO for at least 10 months. It is still a nice looking MMO and I hope the console release boosts it health but I fear simple things like chat and skills bars will fail without the good addons PC has.

Watch this space I guess.
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