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Default CoD2 server ToG2 tdm

Hi there, i usually play on the ToG2 server and most people would agree it has a few problems.. as a player i would like to make some suggestions and i hope you look into them


Reflect: I don't see the point in having this enabled on a TDM server, it only gets in the way... TDM servers have several players shooting at eachother from all 4 sides, with Reflect enabled people usually die because someone runs in front of them.. Example: I'm shooting a target.. 2 of my players decide to run past me, reflect is going to eat me up...

on a Search & Destroy server it makes sense to have it enabled because things are more calm, you don't usually have people running all over the place..


I logged on today and found the weapon selection had been modified... why? the main reason i played on ToG2 was because 1. the community is great, 2. it was one of the best TDM servers because even though it had spammers, there were still several snipers in the game. You guys have removed the scope which means more people are going to spam and noobcannon... why?

i apologize if i have posted this in the wrong section, feel free to move.
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Thanks for the feedback. It will be passed on.

Don't know what caused your problem with sniper rifles. I just jumped on and was able to select one.

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Ive never been able to find the "NoobCannon" in game
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