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Default BO Server

I have recenetly noticed you have a HC MoshPit Server in BO, I was wondering how you achieved this, and have it set up to constantly stay this way

Many thanks
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Hi there Nino. We use the AlterRcon tool developed by Uterror. Here's a link to the forum - the download links are in the announcements subforum

alterrcon.freeforums.org • Index page

He's up to v.71 or .72 and has just announced they'll stop there. We have it running 24/7 as it needs to continually check the server and change the playlist before the next map change.

its a great tool. The mosh is only one feature, they also do messages, can do chat monitoring and kicking and even kick for different weapons like tubes and clays etc.

if you need any help with it add me on Steam: salvationjane777 - australian timezone.

also note the new patch for BO just came out today and they do have a HC Team tactical playtlist now - just doesnt include HQ and sab...not having HQ in the team tact rotations is a huge oversight imo...

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