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Default Black ops server problem!

hey guys the TOG| black ops server SYD2HC.MOSH
keeps kicking everyone, it comes up lost connection and you get dropped.
and its not just me its everone in the server.
my ping was 55-80 average.

plz fix :P
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Ive raised the issue with the BO team. They will look into it shortly.

Thanks for letting us know there might be an issue.


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Yeah thanks Klowwn, we're investigating the issue and have been for some time. We'll fix it as soon as we get a solid answer from the server providers.

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Its a problem with a great many servers not just ours. It tends to occur on full servers, tends to occur more on some servers than others and not at all on others.

the server provider is working with the developer to fix it but they don't know how long the fix may take. There is very little other information they will provide. we unfortunately just have to put up with it till its fixed.

we try restarts, reinstalls, full wipes of servers but it can not fix the underlying code problem apparently so we wait....

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