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Default Greetings from OTG


I am Simdor, officer in the Rift Chapter for the Old Timers' Guild.
I know we have spoken with quite a few of you throughout the betas and now I would like to formally introduce our guild.
OTG was founded in late 2005 and made its "official" launch in early 2006 with the release of Dungeons and Dragons Online. Since then we have been involved in over 12 big name MMOs and more PC titles than I can count. the premise of the guild is to have a place where adults can come together to play games without all of the hassle that can be found with the less mature crowds. We focus on a laid back, no drama atmosphere and make things all about having fun.

As you can see our guilds are quite similar. We would love to coordinate the selection of Rift servers over the next few days so that we might have the chance to all play on the same server. Looking ahead I can see cross-guild raids and rift hunting parties as well as perhaps some mutual assistance in areas of crafting and questing.

If you see a common interest and would like to pursue some type of guild alliance we would love to speak more on the matter.

You can contact me through the Rift forums on our site with a registered account (Rift forums) or by private message here on your forums.

Thanks you,

Rift Chapter Officer
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Hi Simdor

I have let the Rift leadership team know that you are here
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Howdy Sim!

I know OTG from several games.

I'm not an official TOG person but I believe our Rift officers have been discussing things about coordination with your guild, at the very least, internally and should (if they haven't already) be contacting ya'll soon.
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Hello Simdor

I am the Rift Overlord here at TOG

I must have just retired last night when you posted this so missed it until today.

I know some of our officers have been in contact with you and it seems that we have chosen different ways fo going about our rift guilds, and it doens't look like we will be sharing a server.

It seems a shame, since myself and many many of our members have have had great experiences with you guys, not only in the recent Rift events but in other games in the present and past. I myself was an 'OTG Mercenary' for a while in Age of Conan before I unsubbed and have done a number of T1 raids with you guys and the experience was all postive.

However it seems we have not quite co-ordinated on server choice and will be playing on different servers (unless you happen to pick the same PvP server, but as far as PvE is concerned) to you all.

Regardless though I wish you the best of luck and it may come to pass that we end up in the same place in the future.


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Originally Posted by Monk View Post
I am the Rift Overlord here at TOG
You missed the 'evil' part in your title there Monk

I had the pleasure of grouping with some OTG guys during the beta, and it was a very positive experience. As a large proportion of our guild are from Oceanic or other timezones, as well as NA, a priority for us was to roll on a server where the greatest majority could have a decent server pop at their prime time, hence why we chose the unofficial Oceanic server.

I'm sorry we won't be playing with you guys in Rift, but hope to run into you again in the next one (whatever that may be).

Cheers, Geta

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish
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