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Default Greets from MVG

G'day Tog's,
I come from a small clan called MVG (Mature Volunteers Group).
We're obviously a mature(except viper) bunch of older gamers, who play FPS shooters together for fun. We're not elite, tho we have Elite members.
Most of us are from The USA, but we have a few international members like myself (Aussie).

We started in Combat Arms, and have recently dumped that rat infested game and have started BC2 as our main game, as well as broadening our horizons on other games as well. We have 1 server up on BC2 and will keep that for what looks like this coming year.

Now as an Aussie, I have come to know the TOG group as I play on your servers and often with your members. Always have fun on your servers and with your players, and you guys have helped me a lot as I'm kinda new as well.

Just wanted to touch base and maybe we could organise some games together since we have similar interests. You guys would surely beat us but I know we would have fun and our group would probably learn a lot playing with some of you guys.

At any rate, if your interested you might want to visit our humble forums and say G'day, as I will surely follow this thread as well.

Forum Link : • Index page

See you ingame soon

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Thanks for the intro. I'm sure we'll see you online sooner or later.

We have a modest US contingent of BC2 players who I am sure would enjoy some organised games. I'll let them know about your post.
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Hi mate,

What's the MVG server name.....I'll suggest we try it out next time I have a few rounds with the North American TOGgers.


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Old 2nd March 2011, 04:41 PM   #4 (permalink)
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Hey guys.

The server is simply called MVG, but it isn't populated. Tho it doesn't take long to fill up once a few of us are on.

Also it turns out the guys already knew TOG and apparenlty we already know a few of your guys(not sure who to drop names lol).

If any of your US guys wanted to Crash our practice sessions they would be welcome as we always have plenty of room. We play regularly twice weekly on Saturdays and wednesdays from 6-7pm onwards (PST time not aussie time).

of Course I will be on your servers playing often and I'm already starting to recognise regular name, like maddog who has a bad habit of stabbing me, hehe.

Anyways I'll keep in touch.


SpruceMoosey (feel free to add me to your friends list)
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Old 11th March 2011, 08:36 AM   #5 (permalink)
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MVG is a good gruop of players we played allot of good games in combat arms hope you guys find owe bc2 guys just as fun and inviting best of luck and say lick said hello to the mvg guys

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