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Old 7th April 2011, 09:08 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Salute

Its just a hi, just joined as standard memeber and thought i rather post some lines.
Been meeting you guys in most of games i play; so i decided to sign in at least. Lots of nice ppl in Mortal and Perpetuum, and some might have met me too.
Meet in Perp (LOVE corp) or also likelly u can find me in TF2 ( El Meromero) burning some adrenaline.
ty for invite and grtz for nice hub.
HF and cya in game.
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In Memory
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Hi there Nat
I am sure Omie or one of the other pert players will be along to welcome be sure to become a full member so you can take advantage of all the added extras

Thank you Chiack

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Old 8th April 2011, 02:22 AM   #3 (permalink)
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Make sure you post in the tf2 div so you can be added to the tog list. If the server is full you will be able to force connect.

Welcome btw.
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In Love

Welcome to TOG.
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Quietly from Behind
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Good to see you found my evil lair
Join up as a full member if you like

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