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Default Hello from Doomborgen Morgen

Hi All,

Some of you might remember us but most of you will have not.

We have been an Ally of TOG for many MMO's & Friendly Rivals for Some

I have recently been elected as the new GM of Doomborgen Morgen as Lubrication (Friction) has stepped down due to RL matters.

I feel we have lost contact with many of our MMO Allies & would like to organise things in Future MMO's

Our Website is Home : Doomborgen Morgen - US - Briarcliff - Rift - Guild Launch Guild Hosting & Facebook Page is Login | Facebook

Please feel free to join them & see what we are up to.

GM of Doomborgen Morgen
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Ah, I remember you guys from Aion when I used to play. Even though we were on opposite sides, it seemed to be a group of good people.

I see you're playing RIFT, but unfortunately it looks like most of you are on Briarcliff and most of us are on Wolfsbane (PvE) with a smaller group on Tearfall (PvP). It would be nice to meet up with you guys in the future somewhere, on the same side or not. Thanks for checking in.

RIFT (Wolfsbane): Fawkes, 50R4 Rogue - Fawks, 50R4 Warrior - Faux, 50R4 Cleric - Fawx, 50R4 Mage
Upcoming games: Guild Wars 2
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wooh hey guys! I remember ya's from WAR and others.... even if I haven't been playing MMO's for a while
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Doomers! I still remember our big island in the abyss fight in Aion

Thanks for popping in, you guys all seemed like a decent bunch and it's nice to hear from you. Looking forward to playing with/against you in the future.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish
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