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Default Enemy Territory CGa and CGm Leagues + $750 Prize Money

Hey guys ! Just wanted to let the ET squad know there will be a prize pool comp on CyberGamer if they were interested in fielding a team. I know they use to have quite a few teams on the old gamerarena ladder ! Heres some info:
$750 cash prizes

This is an outline of what is going to happen soon. Final rule-set and start dates will be announced once we have closed Season 4 and created the new ladders (Season 4 finals will start next week).

We will be making a main news announcement soon as well. For those of you reading this that would like to know more about this great, free game you can find more info here.

CGa (amateur)
  1. $300 Prizes
    $250 for 1st place
    $50 for MvP as voted by the players of CGa

    Team restrictions and automatic exclusions
    New and inexperienced teams only.

    The grading period will determine any teams that are deemed strong enough to compete in CGm.

    Team roster restriction
    8 players

    GamesTV Coverage
    Select matches + all finals matches

CGm (main)
  1. $450 Prizes
    $400 for 1st place
    $50 for MvP as voted by the players of CGm

    Team restrictions and automatic inclusions
    Main existing teams from CGo + any returning experienced teams will be automatically qualified for this league.

    Team roster restriction
    8 players

    GamesTV Coverage
    All matches + finals matches

General Rules
  1. Season structure will be:
    Existing ladder will be open ladder until CGa grading has been completed (1 month)
    Teams that wish to join either CGa or CGm can join the existing CGo ladder until the other ladders are opened for registration.
    CGm and CGa Season 1 will be 2 months to determine top 4 teams in CGm and top 6 in CGa

    Team size

    Speedlink Anti-Cheat (SLAC)
    How to add your SLAC ID to your profile (click here)

Join the waiting pool
The waiting pool is now available for any new teams. If you are currently in a CGo team you will not be able to join at the moment.
click here to add a team

I've started to move teams into Amateur and Main that have at least 5 confirmed (accepted invite etc) team members. If I have moved you to Amateur and your preference is Main please let me know.

Teams auto-graded to main will not be allowed to move down to Amateur.

Enemy Territory CGa and CGm Leagues

Hope to see a TOG return
Cheers mates !
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Hi hammer, long time dude

Will pass it on.
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