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Unspeakable 13th September 2011 12:46 PM

I am trying to put my place in the guild. I am brand new to RIFT, and thought I'd make a warrior. I am willing to tank for the guild, and am able to take instructions.

I am 44, married, male, 5 kids and wife play "The Nameless MMO", and am easy going.

If I can help, I will.


p.s. Just because my toon is pretty, don't mean I am. ;)

ghostofgrevus 13th September 2011 12:48 PM

this player is a member of TOG but has only public access privilage, needs this fixed so he can join us ingame

Rage 13th September 2011 12:55 PM

Mate, you will need to post up in the barracks to apply for membership :) Best of luck.

Unspeakable 13th September 2011 12:55 PM

I will put my status in RIFT as "Refusing Guild Requests", so I don't get spammed with invites from guilds I am not interested in.

Please /tell me in game so I can remove the block when I am to be accepted.


p.s Warfoot is my RIFT warrior.

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