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Default CRS kicking in on Adding Alts -Unspeakable-

Hiya, Unspeakable here; 18 rogue Wolfsbane Defiant, and I was wondering how to have an alt added.

I THINK I recall; CRS is kicking in see , that I'd change the Subject of my original post; which I found, and then give the post number.

I can't seem to find the post number. Here's a LINK to the post, however I can't seem to find the number. There is a number in the URL, however that could be an internal number used by the software, and not the one you want.

Anyhoo, please lemme know how to get an alt added. He's in game now on Wolfsbane/Defiant side, and his name is Atruck/warrior.

Thanks a ton,
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Hey mate,

I think you want to go here: http://www.theoldergamers.com/forum/rift/ - your fellow RIFTers should be able to help you out

If you're still having forum access issues juts PM a Moderator for assistance.
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