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Default Resignation

Hey guys,

I signed up as a TOG member shortly before taking off overseas for a few months and I haven't been playing much since I got back.
I would like to resign my clan membership but I haven't found the appropriate place in the BFBC2 forums.
Could you please direct the appropriate person to this post.

Thanks for your time.

-ishtar 06
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You do know that we are pretty casual here? You don't need to resign from TOG. Just come back when ever you are ready, and have the time. We will still be here.

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+1 to what MD said.

There are plenty of TOG community members who"clan' with other groups. Its no biggy from our perspective. its only when you get in the competitive squads that you might want to let people know so access to certain sub forums (team strategy etc) can be restricted.

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Hey mate, all I can say is what maddog and Redgum already have.

If you still want to leave TOG however, and you'd like to have your account deleted, please go over to The Desk Forum and post a new thread, one of the Admin's will be there to help.
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