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Old 2nd November 2011, 10:03 AM   #41 (permalink)
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dudes, this kid's now 25... but far far away from a gaming pc

just a little snippet of how the 25th went:

started at the Recovery pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel at 10 in the mornin. sometime after watching bulk half naked women walking around we hit the Vanity night club. cost us a $200 handshake just to get in, the group of 14 girls (there were 8 of us blokes) had a table reserved so some rich bloke we met put 3x $1000 bottles of grey goose vodka on it for us which meant we kept table service in the night club the whole time...

don't know what happened after 9 that night but i got home at 6.30 the next morning... Vegas!!

so how are all the new puter games goin?
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There are new puter games?

Not for this black duck - next week though is a different story altogether. Skyrim amd MW3 in the same week. Will need lost of caffeine :]

Make sure you keep in touch BB - no reason you can't join and talk to us even if you aren't playing much.

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Great bloke .....but
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Hey BB congrates on the birthday and party mate, but really you can't remember after 9pm (sure!) What was his /her name??. As recon said MW3 out next week, But have got BF3 and as long as you are on a small server it ain't half bad.. Enjoy yourself over there and you may as weel sign up for full membership now, in the barracks. Cheers Cammo
RIP ViperX
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Old 5th November 2011, 08:56 AM   #44 (permalink)
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righto - i might aswell jump over! it'll make it easier to keep in contact!
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