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Old 1st November 2011, 01:03 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default A Public Apology

(What this is: an apology.
What this isn't: a remove ban request.)

Hi guys, my name is Faolan, and I had a rage.

I was on one of the TOG servers earlier, and I was, to be blunt, up to my eyeballs in frustration, which turned to rage. Normally, I don't mind playing on +FF servers, it just means there won't be so much random rocket spam, which I find makes for a much more enjoyable game. Alas, tonight, that was not the case and after suffering far more deaths at the hands of my teammates than the enemy (including a lad who decided it'd be a good idea to gun down a clanmate and myself just to get the chopper we were next to), I'd had enough and lost my nut.

When the map changed to Kharg Island, I decided enough was enough, somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-30 TKs, not to mention team damage uncounted, could not go unanswered. I invoked Code Jihadistan and, in the finest traditions of nerd rage everywhere, threw down several blocks of C4 and clicked detonate as soon as the match started.

Result: Most of the team annihilated in one shot at the opening spawn. Raging moron booted from server.

Now, I can't apologise to all those I killed. Moreover, I won't, since a chunk of them had it coming. And to be honest, I ended up falling out of my chair laughing at the result and the puzzled queries from Vent.

What I can, and am, apologising for is the lack of respect I showed the TOG clan and their admins with my actions. Instead of being a big boy and acting my age, I got even and in one of the worst ways possible. TOG generally has some good members who're great to game around, and tends to run fairly decent servers.

I'm pretty sure I've copped a ban for this, and the gods know I deserve it. In fact, I'd be pretty surprised if I didn't, given that I overheard one of my clan leaders specifically asking for it. I completely deserve this, and embrace my fate - part of being a man is owning your actions and the consequences.

I don't want it lifted, that's not why I'm posting this. I'm posting this because guys like C4 and Maddog deserve more respect than what they got, and they're owed, at the very least, a public apology. I would ask that they hold my transgression only against myself - my clanmates are top notch guys and had nothing to do with my red rage-athon. Please heap all your anger directly at me, that's where it's deserved.

Again, to the clan as a whole, and the admins/captains in particular, I want to apologise to you for my shocking lack of respect through my actions, and I hope that the actions of one arseclown (myself) doesn't harm the reputation of your servers.

- Jake S.
aka FaolanConall.
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Thanks. I think we've all been there. See you back online when the ban expires.
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This matter has been addressed through PM sent to Faolan.

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I think it takes alot of courage to admit something like that, and although I dont know the circumstances behind it, I applaud you for taking the initiative to make the post in the first place. Well done.
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