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Default SQO Recruitment Night

I would like to set up a TOG Starquest Online Recruitment night/drive. This is a great sandbox MMO with serious Military RP. This game makes Star Trek Online look like SWTOR Space Combat. It's basically a mix of Eve Online and Ultima Online. You are a person not a Starship. You have other players as your crew not just firing cannons. Would really like to set up a night for new players to join the free trial and come out for a night aboard the Starfleet Vessel that I Captain.
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Sounds interesting... when are you thinking of doing this?
Is there a link to the free trial download?
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We have the ship all tweaked up and ready for combat. This could be a weekend deal.

The free trial can be found at StarQuest :: Home

You can also contact Legion in the game or on game forums if you have any questions.

There is actually a large scale invasion/rescue mission going on this weekend. We could use all the help we can get. We are attacking a core world to bring one of our captured ships home.

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