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Default Teamspeak Issues - Getting Kicked after 30s

Hi there,

I just connected to the TS server for the first time last month and every time I have tried it I get kicked with the message.

I stay connected for usually 30s or so, am able to speak, change channels etc, then BAM...

"Maximum number of connections with same identity exceeded."

I'm with IINET in Australia (iinet.net.au) as my ISP if that helps.

Any help would be appreciated, I'm unable to join raid groups in SWTOR at this time because of this issue.
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Which of the TS Servers are you trying to access? There are 2 servers and each has a slightly different configuration.
Please PM 303 for more assistance with this.
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Great bloke .....but
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bet he is using BOB2, PM sgt yogi as he had issues with his BOB2 and ts and I believed he did a firmware update to fix it.
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update to the new firmware boom fixed lol i had to wait months for it to be released

download from here https://iihelp.iinet.net.au/support/Router_Firmware

log in to modem and find the section for firmware and update

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