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{=NSOF=}Beefcake 17th March 2012 08:19 AM

Wednesday 16s GA match vs NSOF

Have tried sending PMs to captains through GA ladder, but not sure they are getting through, it may be my nubness but they sit in my outbox not in sent... So thought I would post here instead.

RE: GA ladder 16 v 16 scheduled for 8:30 Wednesday TOG Hellions vs NSOF.

Was wondering if there was any chance of playing the match a little later?

GA forces the three different hours challenge thing which is why we had to offer the 8:30pm timeslot, but we have almost half our team in QLD and they are an hour earlier than us - so an 8:30 start is actually a 7:30 start for them. With most of us being parents with young families it makes it hard for them to get there on time.

Would be great if we could start at 9:00pm or 9:30pm.

Completely understand if it doesn't suit you guys to move it back, but thought it was worth asking just in case.



ReaperSmurf 17th March 2012 01:37 PM

I'll let those nooblets in Hellions know you're trying to get in touch.

pdp 17th March 2012 02:36 PM

It's all good guys - this one's being sorted through PMs

Deadzy 22nd March 2012 12:55 PM

Hey all.

We have a problem. Because of the circumstances (NSOF requested a time change) we used the NSOF server. I think this caused a problem with the scoring? For some reason it shows we won when it was a win to NSOF with a score of 242-0.

Or maybe they did not enter there score as per rules:
Captains of both teams must immediately enter the agreed score in the GameArena ladder system. Failure to do this may result in one or both teams forfeiting the match. Captains must check their Contact email address to confirm that they have received email confirmation of the score entry. If a score is not entered by the due time then the team may forfeit the match.

TOG|Hellions Loss 0 - 0 (Not So Old Farts Forfeited)08:30pm 21/3/2012
I've never had this problem before but I have PM'd Adsa to see what the go is.


Deadzy 22nd March 2012 02:03 PM

Ok I know what went wrong,

A Match Has Been Completed
A match has been completed on the Battlefield 3: Conquest Ladder:
Match Time: Wednesday 08:30pm (21 March)
THE CHALLENGER: Not So Old Farts scored 0 (forfeited)
THE DEFENDER: TOG|Hellions scored 0 Neither team submitted a result; Rankings will now be updated.
The GameArena Team

Partly my bad, I have had a lot on my mind atm and I forgot to add the score myself, nor did any of the other Captains.

Not sure if this can be fixed seem we were both at fault. But i really don't want to take a win we didn't deserve.

Deadzy 22nd March 2012 06:43 PM

All fixed and results are as they should be.

{=NSOF=}Beefcake 26th March 2012 08:45 AM

Yeah - I was PM'ing Toss that Salad and ADSA through GA system to sort this out too.

I did enter the result but never got the confirm email (didn't notice until the morning cause I didn't stay up to check for it) - rookie error on my behalf.

Anyhow, alls well that ends well.

Cheers again to your guys for being willing to move the time around to suit our aging Queensland parent brigade!

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