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Default kicked for false reason

kicked off your server tonight approx 6:15pm '

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and wish to raise a flag against your admin for admin abuse. He kicked apparently for abusing the admin i did not abuse him and i want you to see the logs. I called a player a shit pilot for bailing constantly out of the jet after he kept on getting shot down, not enough reason to kick me. I re-entered the server in an attempt to find out the reason for being kicked and was met with hostility.

Who ever this admin is i think you guys need to remove his power because he/she is clearly abusing it. I'm more than sure other players have cursed worse and i sincerely don't believe the term shit is enough reason to flex your powers especially when it was said once only. I informed the admin no harm done no need to flex and was kicked. On the second return a guy/girl named Penthrox claimed to be admin,. If this is not true then the admin that kicked me did nothing about the person pretending to be admin. Whats going on here.
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Please close, taking this to PM shortly.

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