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Bumbee 7th August 2012 12:46 PM

Great To See In WoT
Was playing around in a new game(for me) World Of Tanks and ran across a member by the name of Groud??? And he deff upheld the TOG ethos. Great Job!

Any ways, It was great to see the TOG tag running around and made me remember all the great times I had here.

So to those of you that know me, Great Job! I knew TOG would never go away. For those that don't, Well, It is what you make of it, and it only gets better the more you put forth the effort.

BTW- to those that remember- I am 12 days away from retirement. Might see me around a bit more, but then again we are staying here in the Florida Keys, so maybe not. :twisted: We shall see.

Ninja Gizmosis 7th August 2012 02:40 PM

Good to see you post up, and the WoT people are a really good bunch with great leadership.

Doc52 13th August 2012 01:45 AM

.... thanks for the post - it's really appreciated.
The guys playing WOT are an easy bunch and really do well with the TOG ethos ..... they are the real deal !!

Good luck with the retirement !!!

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