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Old 13th October 2012, 11:39 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default DayZ Server Password

I was a regular on the TOG DayZ server along with a friend of mine and apparently the server now has a password on it along with Rmod. I have downloaded Rmod, what else do I need? If I need the password can I get this? Thanks.
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Forwarded to DayZ leadership.
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server was passworded for testing purposes, it is now back to normal lingor
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Just to be aware, this is not an official TOG server, just a server that is paid for and run by members of TOG where many of us call home (but not all). The server does not reflect TOG.

Lingor is now being updated for 1.0, so all vehicles, and possibly tents (especially their contents) have been reset. Rmod is not currently being used due to issues of installation and running.
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The server does not reflect TOG.
I agree with this statement. Ultimately it is for the Server Admin of the external server to run the external server as they see fit. TOG has no part in this. We only request that the Server does not reflect any association with TOG and that the control or management of the Server is conducted external to our forums to prevent misunderstanding.

I will add that individual members accept that which TOG is About and agree to comply with our Agreed User Policy and Code of Conduct. Every TOG members actions, both internally and externally, is a reflection on TOG. TOG members will be individually accountable.

Compliments or complaints:

(1) External Server: should be directed to the Server Admin of the external server as TOG has no part in the management of the Server; for example: Bans.

(2) Identified TOG Server: may come through TOG Forums.

(3) TOG member: may come through TOG Forums.
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