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forkus 14th November 2012 06:53 PM

Unban Request
Hi All,

Trying to find a way to appeal my ban on CS:GO Server #1

I have tried PM'ing Bundy as he appears to be the DC(?) for CS:GO but it doesn't seem to be sending PM's as there is nothing in my sent items.

I was kicked unexpectedly yesterday afternoon from the server with the message "Disconnect: General cheating/exploits."

Just wondering if I can get some further information on this as I dont believe I was doing anything against the TOG rules.

Username: ~<3.forkus



bundy.r.bear 14th November 2012 06:57 PM

PM has been sent

maddog2204 14th November 2012 08:34 PM

Issue is being dealt with via PM.

Thread locked.

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