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Kelevandos 1st April 2013 04:10 AM

My game reviewing blog
Hello everybody!

My name is Jerzy "Kelevandos" Jurczyk and I am an independant game reviewer from Poland. For several months I have been expanding my blog, Kelevandos' Game Reviews and today, finally, it goes bilingual (was Polish only until now). I came across your your site and thought that you may be interested in my first English-translated review.

It is about the upcoming Microsoft release, Age of Empires II HD Edition. As a 20+ gamer I believe, and know, that many people of my age loved the original release and will want to know the details about the remake. Well, here they are. I have been given the pre-release copy of the game, wrote a review, included some screenshots. Happy reading! :-)

I hope this post will not be considered spam, as I have no intention of spamming. As a writer I need readers and I thought that you could be interested.

The English version of the blog may be found here:


Ned 1st April 2013 07:53 PM

Hi Kelevandos :)

Thanks for visiting and posting.

It's always good to read many reviews of games that spark an interest!
While you're here, feel free to join in the discussions inside the public forums.


Kelevandos 2nd April 2013 01:49 AM

Hello there, Nedd :-)

Thanks for the warm welcome and not labeling my post as "spam-delete it", as many forums do with such things! I will surely take a tour around the forums and if any thread catches my attention, I will post :-)

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