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Old 29th June 2013, 11:43 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Mature BF3 gaming community in Sydney

Hi there

It's great to see this website. I am in my late thirties but have enjoyed playing games since the good old times on the C64 (Pitfall, Hero, Last Ninja, Boulder Dash to name a few ). Time is always a premium with family, career and too many other priorities which is why I want to have a premium experience when I play. This means no abuse, playing with like minded and mature people who enjoy a good game and are not too serious about it.

We have been trying to set up a similar community for BF3 / BF4 in Australia / NZ. I had a quick look at your website and I didn't find anything on BF3 so I am not sure if you guys are playing this game or not. I am interested in playing with a community like yours and so are other people that I know. We have started to host our own server and it would be great to have you join our server or us joining yours (based on your conditions). Below are more details on our hosted server and please feel free to reach out to me on Battleog. My ID is ‘neomatic999’.

+++Regular gaming night+++
Tuesday nights starting around 8pm Sydney time. Also, if anyone plays any other night we should communicate via Battlelog to let the rest of the group know and whoever can, joins in.

+++Our Server+++
We have a 64 player server which gives us good scale and fun. The server is configured with about 18 maps across all DLCs. The server is also configured to allow for ‘map votes’ and autobalancing. We have enabled a filter that will pick up significant abuse/agro via chat which will lead to kill and then ban (automatically).

+++Server name+++
[ADM] OZ Server, All Welcome, Great maps/modes +vote + voice’

We are using an open source tool called Mumble. IP address is and port number is 54918.
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Hi there,

We have a complete Battlefield division which takes in all of the games.
Will try and get the BF Division people to have a chat with you.

Regards NG.
Cheers Blitz for the signature. Hunting you in Eve Online
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If you're over 25 you can sign up for full TOG membership. (Remember to read the stickies before posting.) This doesn't mean foregoing membership of other organisations, but it will mean you can see the BF forums and post up there. Relying on people to ferry messages is always going to be a little stilted

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Great bloke .....but
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He has signed up in the barracks, Butters. So should now see the forums.
RIP ViperX
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Thanks guys. I am all set up and joined my first BF3 game last Saturday night.
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