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Durtymac 4th July 2013 03:56 PM

Steam request
Hi there.
Ive been contemplating getting Arma for sometime and finally made the plunge.
I see TOG have a steam community for this game too. Id love to get in on this community so I can game with some fellow oldies if possible.

My steam id is Crazyhorn.
Please do add me into all the Arma communities.



Buff 4th July 2013 04:10 PM

Hi Durtymac,

In order to Join you'll have to become a full TOG member, make an application here, after you've read this.

We look forward to meeting you :)

Durtymac 4th July 2013 06:22 PM

All done Buff. Ive been a member for over 5 years on here so wasnt sure if I were already a full member or not.



Durtymac 4th July 2013 09:56 PM

Hey Buff....
I found this from way back .....

Full membership already.

maddog2204 4th July 2013 10:32 PM

Hi Durtymac,

There is no need for you to re-apply, as you are already a member. I see you have already found the Arma 3 sub forum. In there you will find a thread for Steam invites. Just post up in there mate. :)

ReaperSmurf 10th July 2013 10:49 PM

Taken care of.

Steam Community :: Group :: TOG ARMA III

Cpl.Cooter-USMC 16th July 2013 02:14 AM

request for an invite into the tog left for dead group on steam. here is my steam link.

Steam Community :: TOG|Cpl.Cooter

Buff 18th July 2013 05:39 PM

Hi all,

These requests need to be posted in the correct forum.

Make your requests here :D

Jigoku 19th July 2013 08:29 PM

If you are looking for an invite to a specific TOG steam group rather than the generic group, do not post in the thread Buff linked. The people monitoring that thread, and I'm pretty sure that means only me at the moment, can not help you. Instead, post in the game specific sub-forum if available, or PM someone who is an officer of the group.

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