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Default BF4 Friendly Scrimming.

Hey guys
Just saw you in game and ATS Australian Tactical Squad clan are curious to know whether you guys are interested in friendly scrimming?
We are looking for new and various challenges to help us pick up our skills.
Our teamspeak is ts3.leetspeak.com.au:62019
If so would be interested in teeing up something soon.
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Hi. The TOG social team, Get Smashed would be interested in a friendly scrim.
I couldn't access your TS channel (security level or something).
Couple of questions..

What server?
What map?
Numbers required?

We have 12 registered players so maybe could field 8-10. We could organise a larger team if we team up with our SAS squad.

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Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this but FPSG would like to have a friendly scrim with TOG.
We would like to know if this is possible before we work out our scrim team and numbers.
Contact me on BattleLog - Mrs_Teletubby - Battlelog / Battlefield 4

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