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Talking Beta invites?

Anyone got a beta invite? Looking for other EU players to play with too
All 4 of the other IT guys in my office are in it and I can't play with them...I am blasting away on BF3 and Tribes on my own as they are all on CS:GO all night!

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There are a few lucky TOG memember who are playing "beta" at the moment but there are not many Australian servers yet.
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I am playing CS:GO beta. Got my beta from a friend who won a spot from the survey Valve had a while back. His invite came with a friend invite and he gifted it to my Steam account.
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Any more invites? I'm still chasing a copy.

PoPo FTW!!
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Will they release a demo b4 the full release?
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I believe they will do an open beta prior to release and if release is august then we may be very close to that happening, we have asked for more keys from our contact at valve and they have been very generous so far so hopefully we will get some more ... if not then I would suggest open beta is nearly here
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