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Default Mod Tools to Follow Three Months After Launch

We still don't have a release date for Valve's upcoming Counter-strike refresh, but in an widely-reported interview on podcast Seven Day Cooldown with Gabe Newell, Valve's most-not-boss indicated that whenever Counter-strike: Global Offensive ships, a full SDK is intended to follow three months later.

While other big franchises that used to be modder favourites -- including, but not limited to, Battlefield and Call of Duty -- have recently shunned the PC mod community, it's terrific to see Valve continue to stick to an open model and still allow user-created maps and even total-conversions to be built on their games.

CS: Go is still currently in closed beta testing and a launch is expected in Winter 2012 (US Summer).
SOURCE Counter-strike: Global Offensive Mod Tools to Follow Three Months After Launch - AusGamers.com
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That's part of the reason why this game lasted so long.... and not the others.

Good find mate cheers
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Great interview! Thanks for the link.
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