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lol nice one Biggus. I had a similar experience the other night with a survivor, we were both fresh spawned with no weapons and trying to cycle/loot the same building for some.

We kept doing laps of the building bringing in zombies to the other for about ten minutes, back and forth like tennis.

I ended it by running into town and stirring up about 30 of em, I did reverse loops and then back again until they were practically running circles around it.
He broke for it, they gave chase, I strolled into the building and got back to searching
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Dear Diary,

So after running around, I stumbled across this between Cherno and Elektro

Then i took it for a bit of a cruise:

But all good things come to an end. The ATV decided to roll on a flat surface and I couldn’t get it back up no matter what I tried, and I was losing blood.

So I had to put it down:

Easy come easy go!
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(i didnt have fraps running but ill add in some old pictures so people have an idea of what it was like)

Deranger had logged out only 15 minutes before this....

Now, because some people had made a camp not far from us, i was loading up the Ural for the big move that we had decided on, no real idea of where i would be heading, but i got everything loaded, and went to take one last look around, and that is when Hell descended on me in the form of Fire Rain

"Holy crap!!!"

I dove into the nearest tree and watched as rounds smashed into the ground from at least 3 different directions
"I'm dead" i thought, but then the damnedest thing happened... all of them must have had to reload at the same time, i took my chance and piss bolted to the Ural and jumped in, i revved the engine and took off as fast as it could carry me, i didn't care if i hit tree's or anything, i just drove like hell.

I'm Alive!!! I Escaped!!!

As i neared Gvozdno I notice i was being followed by a Littlebird, a guy on a Motorbike and a Tan Military-Offroad

"Oh Sh*T, oh Sh*t, oh Sh*t...."

i finally make it to the road and start to make my way down towards Gorka, the littlebird is just hovering over the top of me, and guy on the bike is just beside me in the paddock, and the damn Offroad is trying to ram me when ever there is a bend with some rocks on the side of the road.

Its wasnt looking good, we got almost all the way to Gorka, before anything else happened as it looked like all they could really do was follow me for now

The guy on the motorbike had gone on ahead and the Littlebird had vanished, but the offroad was still following me, as i neared the T intersection i saw where the other two had gotten too


I did the only thing i could think of at the time, i slammed on the brakes and threw it into reverse, the military offroad was not as quick as me when it came to braking and slammed right up my arse at 110kph, his body flew out of the car and bounce along the road for a few moments before it came to a stop not far from where the other two were shooting at me from....

Scratch one bad guy

they stopped firing for a few moments and this gave me the chance i needed to get the hell out of there, i hung a right and headed for novy, as i smashed through a tree something popped out the other side and bounce along the road...

It was the motorbike, he had parked it behind the tree

from here on they did not follow me, and i just kept on driving, my hull was red, and so was my engine, the fuel tank wasnt far behind, and myself, my blood icon had just started flashing.

i made it as far as Prud before i finally passed out, and i took that chance to kill a cow and a boar nearby and get myself back up to full health, i repaired the truck with the stuff from camp.

i still needed to hide all of this stuff, so i jumped back into the truck and decided to head up to the north west of the map.

as i passed by Lopatino, I see the message for a server restart in 10mins, but i keep driving, and as i near the big bend on the north west road i had the thought of wanting to refuel the truck, so i pull into the last spot to refuel

I get a bit closer and see that someone has fenced off the entire barn and fuel tank, and as i get a bit closer shots ring out and bullets bounce off the side of the truck

"Here we go again...."

so i dont stop, i just keep going, but as i look back, i see the littlebird parked next to the fuel tank.... its my friends again, they all jump into the littlebird and start the engine, as round the bend, i think that this is a good time to fight back, so i park in the tree's, and jump out, i grab the CZ-550 Sniper Rifle, and take about 10 steps down the hill.....

No Messaged received for 10 seconds
No Messaged received for 15 seconds
No Messaged received for 20 seconds

So i restart the game and and check if i still have my rifle, and i do, so i leg it down the hill and through the tree's


"what the deuce?"

i finally make it back to the barn, and the world is on fire, by the looks of things they had tried to take off too fast and clipped their own fortifications, sending the littlebird into the ground where it exploded, killing all of them

I run over and check the bodies....

"Batman aint even kitted out as much as these guys, so i run back and graab the ural, and loot everything i could, then drove off and hid the truck

This is my haul

So now i have logged out, and am waiting for more toggers to join in the fun

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Excellent activity on DayZ+ Iron. Shame I missed it all as usual. Excellent work keeping the Ural together then stealing all their gear (I have a camp hidden between two trees NW of NW airfield if we need a deposit spot, only 2 tents though.

What the hell was that tracer fire? There are no tracers on US1 so that's all a bit odd.

Did you check the names of the dead? Be good to know who our Little Bird nemesis' are!
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Pure awesomeness.
Making everyone else look sober.
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Awesome read Iron and even better haul off that! makes me want to jump into DayZ again just for the stories that are made with every time you play
Feel free to add me on steam, while not a full member does not mean I'm not up for playing a few games with or against you guys.
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Unfortunately.... Easy(ish) come, Easy go. Vehicles are too damn hard to hide when people have helicopters Lets just hope my tent is still secure as would be nice to know I found a half decent spot.
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That sucks Deranger, what helicopters do they have ingame now?
Feel free to add me on steam, while not a full member does not mean I'm not up for playing a few games with or against you guys.
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I find myself waking up on this day, new, reborn. Flashes of what was rush through my head like an old VHS stuck on rewind. There was only a handfull of us out here, cold and alone our small team needed assistance, we called in that we needed an immediate pick up as we had 2 men down and the rest injured, it was getting dark fast! We moved to a nearby barn and rattled off our location, it would take the pilot of our recentely rescued chopper 20 minutes atleast for him and two others to fill up the chopper as well as fix the main rotor, there was nothing we could do so we set up watch and waited.
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