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Default popularity of dayz on steam

Was looking through some forums/threads of other forums and found this interesting graph on how popular this mod is.

http://www.theoldergamers.com/forum/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=3602&dateline=1397568  442
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Damn. That is HUGE. (that's what I just said. That's not what some indeterminate female said, k guys?)
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must be popular as i could not find a boxed version to buy they all said it was sold out so i bought the steam vers
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Apparently their sales have risen 500% since the alpha released, at this rate of growth they are expecting a 1000% increase in sales by the end of the month. It appears that modding is, in fact, NOT dead. How's that for an 'up yours' to EA and DICE?
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The really big players have definitely tried hard to kill modding - but for the smaller fish it's their lifeblood. Good for them I say
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And then EA go and jump on the 'indie pack' bandwagon... What a bunch of shits I say!
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