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Got the gme running last night and i was on the edge of my seat as i was running down the road in the pitch black. I came across a dead guy with flys buzzing around him and looted. The music in this mod makes your heart go at times, its very good. Infact i think TSW could of done better if they used some of this spooky horror feel and dark setting. Its very realistic.

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I mentioned this in another post.

get an app called 'six launcher' it patches the game for you and also serves as a server browser.
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Does six launcher let you switch between 1.6 and 1.7 dayz mod versions and does it let you launch the beta client ? If so I'll probably get it because the whole thing is cumbersome already so any help to alleviate the process would be great.
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Like Veilo I have now been able to get into the game finally. After reloading Arma2 OA and reinstalling DayZ mod from scratch it still didn't work..I then realised what you guys were on about (penny dropped moment). I then jumped onto a server that was running 1.7 beta version and bingo...straight in and with colour and sound and movement..yippeee. This explains why I got in first day then mysteriously couldn't replicate that. It was because I must have been jumping in the 1.6 version servers.

Anyway, the damn game was at night again so I only stayed in for 15 mins then logged out. I am now ready to party..... Dead Z's everywhere

Lesson, make sure you have the right version for the right server...doh

Heading for the stars sometime soon I hope!
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Gluggy - dayz 1.7 is usually faster to load/less server issues but at the same time most 1.7 servrs are running veteran mode (which means no name tags when you mouse over targets for 2 sec). Some people love it and some people hate it and play 1.6 version of dayZ.

Also sometimes all 1.7 servers are full and/or unresponsive so it's either no game or 1.6.

That's why it's a good idea to have a separate copy of 1.6 folder and 1.7 folder so you can easily/quickly switch between them as needed.
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The great thing about veteran is that other survivors can't see where you are thanks to the name tag popping up no matter what obstacles (buildings,trees,hills etc) are in the way.
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Personally, for anyone that is still playing these arma 2 mods, I have to usually use arma 2 launcher to run without having to update to the latest only. A good dayz app is DayZcommander which lets you choose any version of the game to play and also to update the arma beta patch too.
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Ive read a lot about DayZ- very curious project. Is it true they are going to introduce standalone version?
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Yep. Shouldn't be far off now.
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