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Default Best moments so far in game

Hey guys having just down loaded the game yesterday and how action packed the first hours turned out to be I would be interested to see people's best moments in game.

For me it would have had to be dusk raid onto Cherno tents and the action that came after.
It was called that we needed some new and improved weapons and being that we had a group of 4 at the start we moved in on the tent area. After a short time gidz and bishop also logged in so we had 6 total farming the 4 tents. Fighting off Zed and player alike was fun and we had some great loot to boot.
At one point Velio called out that 2 players were to the east walking down the road/tracks and we all turned and I got eye's on with a pair on bino's from the roof. We watched the two as they started to walk closer(about 5 mins) then in a heart beat one of the players shot the other in the back of the head real bandit style (Again trust noone outside TOG in this game) then took off north away from our location.

Once we moved out it was well past dark and we made our way east to a hill. We needed to cross a open field to the north and into the loot barn and then north into the tree's, however we needed to also clear the hill behind us that was touching the coast as it would be a good ambush site if used vs the party. Once cleared we moved a few members at a time from the hill into spots in the field at all times covering east/west and north. Then a call over TS goes out about a flare east and Noises, Velio and myself get eyes on a player running flat chat with a flare in hand down the road about 250m away. All three of us had a good shot at this guy if he came to close as we didnt want him to light up our party in the open field. He got to about 150m out..... I was ready to open up on this poor guy trying to find his way in the dark running around like a mad man. Turns out he changed his mind and then changed his direction to the east away from us, never knowing that my M14, Velios M4 and Noises AK74 were ready to paste him in a heart beat if he came about 50m more.

All in all it was a great night and I will be looking forward to the next trip into town and north with the party

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Hey Zeddy, that was so much fun

Btw here's some more detail about above: the hostile names were emorin and uncle marty - emorin got easily wasted by uncle marty when we were looting the tents then uncle marty disappeared when we made our way in that direction.

Then emorin came back sprinting with flare in hand haha. Also, he turned around after he heard us in global chat saying that we can see him from cherno high sniping spots.
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I needed to turn EmoRin around without alerting him (or anyone else) to our actual position. Favorite moment in game? It's a tossup between that time the bandits we misdirected up to Vybor realised we weren't actually in Vybor and complained about it in chat and my first ever visit to Cherno. Four days after I started playing I decided to go into a coastal city... just me, my makarov, and 40 or 50 of my closest undead friends. So much carnage...

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This one time at a barn.....

I shot someone who I thought was a survivor. Turns out he was a bandit that had been following me around. He died and I got an M16 for my efforts.
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Cool awesome moments

Lots of "best moments" so I'll just post a two of the most memorable.

Our small group were ferrying some loot between the military tents in east cherno to a small camp, unofficially named "loot hut". I was scouting to the north, a city block away, when we decided to meet back at the camp due to some distant gunfire.

Someone calls out location check and everyone's back at the camp except for me. Then someone says "and I see veilo is here also". I am just walking into the camp and i am pretty sure I am not fully there/not spotted so I am thinking "erm...that's odd" I walk in to wall enclosure making our camp and I realise that I am standing right behind a new /non-tog survivor who is standing in the middle of the camp while everyone has their back turned to him and looking out of the camp. This guy just wandered in, past all the sentries/overwatch!

Of course I have my gun pointed at his head straight away as I explain the situation on TS. THEN everyone wants to be super pro about it and points their guns at the stranger's head. The guy turned out to be friendly and/or newbie so he was probably somewhere between puzzled and bewildered at so many people and despite everyone being friendly to him in directional voice chat he just wandered away.

Another great moment was on my 2nd day of playing this game when I had my first proper kill vs another survivor. I was by myself in Komarovo docks. Still sort of new to the game (still feel newbie as of today) I was just slowly exploring the docks area when I noticed everything was barbed wired! I sneak around into the main docks building the one with multiple high walkways circling this room, you have to climb the indoor ladders to get up to them

Being a newbie explorer I figure - harder a place is to get to, the better the loot will be! So I start climbing. I am almost to the top of these walkways when I hear a player below me. I look down and I see a guy there. I was making a lot of noise, plus the place is covered in barbed wire plus he didn't type into global chat "noob making tons of noise in my barbed up building, are you friendly" so I was under no illusions that he was on the hunt.

The situation was very unfair - or to put it in another term, realistic -there was no way he could see me, it's not just that I was behind him, it's also that I was so much higher above him than most people would look! I aimed my makarov at his head and fired. He went down. He was motionless for a few seconds then started moving with blood coming out of him! So I fired again and again and I kept on firing till the message appeared that he was dead. The last few trigger pulls was just an empty click as the mag run out. I got my first kill! I got really excited about looting my first kill so I started making my way down.

As I am almost back to the main floor, through the second entrance into that room, another survivor slowly edges in. If i was where I was when I made the first kill, he would have probably gotten a drop on me very easily. But I have repositioned since then as part of making my way down so I was now in the opposite place to where I was before.

This guy is different to the first - carrying good shotgun (remington 570 with flashlight i think?) and being much more cautious.

Still no chatter in global chat so the situation is hostile. I watch the 2nd guy come in and slowly start scanning the room for who killed the 1st guy. Before he can get even close to seeing me I put a whole mag in head head (I can't believe that last few days we lost at least 2 kills because we thought we put someone down, we got confirmation that he went down, then he got up/crawled away. serious tip: keep firing at hostiles till the message comes up they died and/or your stats say +1 murder)

I want to pause and wait a bit longer because two guys just tried to get a drop on me but I managed to ghost them purely by luck but then I realise that I can't count on luck and the gunfire would attract others so I want to just grab loot and bug out. I climb down and loot both guys.

First one was mostly newbie with few extra bits but nothing useful. 2nd one was fully kitted out - all tools (matches/hatchet/compass/etc), blood bags, binoculars and of course a shotgun with flashlight. I grabbed as much as I could and immediately headed into the forest like a newbie bandit.
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Two best moments for me.

First was playing on 3DP-off server, checking out the NE airfield and after clearing the hangers, as I began approach the ATC tower, started getting shot at. Amazed I hadn't immediately died, I started sprinting and zig-zagging back towards Krasnostav. Felt like patting my character down to make sure there was nothing missing.

Second situation was a dark night, entering Staroye to hear some pistol fire in the distance. In a hunting mood (fresh character in need of loot), I decided to pursue. I spotted a flare in the distance, and crawled towards it in the woods. Then the flare went out, and I found some cover under a tree and waited. My heart was thumping in my chest as I scanned everywhere for movement. I inched closer with my winchester out, afraid that at any moment, someone might run past and gun me down. For 10+ minutes I waited there, in the dark, silent night, before I figured the guy had left and moved on. That particular night I was exceptionally paranoid, with the new attitude of 'assume there's someone in that building...". I watched barns, houses, etc for 5 minutes before moving in.

For me, it's that paranoia, tension and adrenaline that really hammers home the difference that DayZ is compared to BF and COD. Knowing that at one moment, through sheer dumb bad luck, you could be in the wrong place at the wrong time and get taken out.
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Great stories guys.

Is it worth having this thread merged with the Dear Diary thread, seeing as they are both very similar in content?

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It is similar content but the diary thread seems a lot more artistic - borderline in-character/roleplay type thing. This thread is more about "wowow guys guys i killed a dude" type posts which would be embarrassingly out of place in the diary thread.
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Funniest moments so far, Jarnid and i were making our way across the road up into the hills from the Pik Kozlova to meet with Veilo and someone called Dan took a couple of shots at us, we high tailed it up into the hills and headed towards Veilo who was coming across the hils from Cherno. Jarnid and i thought we had lost Dan and hooked up with Veilo, we were looking over Prigorodky and we saw somone coming up the hill across an open field, by this stage Veilo was with us and he nailed the guy coming up the hill and we moved down and looted a bit and while i was still looting we came under fire from Dan again who must have followed Jarnid and i through the forrest. In the confusion i had placed myself in a a position where i had the drop on Veilo and Jarnid and Dan must have logged out to flank us. so i am on my belly, laying near a tree when BLAM! Veilo takes me out. In the following confusion Dan seems to have made a reapearance and wipes the floor with Jarnid and Veilo all the while Dan is having a big sook because we had been shooting at him.

Later making my way to join up with Jarnid and Veilo in Elektro, i see a player and think, awesome, my first kill coming up! Of course i didn't bring him down and he goes running off towards all the zombies i just navigated my way through. I throw caution to the wind and head off towards where he was turning as he ran away and find him and kill him, all the while telling Jarnid and Veilo where i was and what was going on. I spot two more survivors shooting at each other and being chased by a couple of zombies and i have the drop on them, so wanting to get a second kill i open up on the back of the closest one who turns out to be Veilo, the second one who was facing me promptly kills me while i am reloading my little Makarov.

Sorry Veilo.

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This is what happened from my end.

I spawned in debug forest and ran to meet up with folks north of Zolengorsk - we checked out the green mountain military facility, i had to kill a lot of zombies for no loot (there's no enterable buildings in there and the tower which can be entered has 1-2 lots of civilian loot only).

Then I ran all the way to Prigorodki to meet up with Jarni and Yvnu.

North of progorodki we meet up. I get visual on Jarni but not on Yvnu but Jarni knows where everyone is and giving directions so i trust him.

Then Jarni spots player Dan running through the open fields and relays location. I get into position and begin firing getting a confirmed kill on Dan. We go to loot and get stuff (at this stage I still have not had a visual on Yvnu I think.

Then we go back to tree line when there are shots fired. We assume Dan has ran back! In the confusion I spot a player targeting Jarni! I resolve his tag long enough to see that it doesn't start with =TOG= so i open fire on what I assume is a hostile I am really sorry Yvnu.

Too bad after that Dan 100% outplayed Jarni and I - I don't think he logged to another server,flanked us, logged back in. He actually properly outplayed us - he was in exactly opposite direction Jarni and I expected him to be meaning he walked right up to jarni and I and headshoted both of us with a pistol because we were too focused on looking in one direction.

Lesson there is to do strategic retreat even further I think. And never focus too much in one direction.

Later that nigth turned out to be a huge mess by the way Electro is easily the worst area in the game. It is full of new or semi new players spawning at the beach, pistoling other newbies then running 20-50 zombies in a train formation towards other players. I am not sure if this is griefing or actually being new or what but it's cheap and unfun and i am emotional about it. I spent close to an hour worth of running/sneaking trying to get something out of electro and the best attempted ended at the church with a gun sprinting all the way from the beach right into me with a train of zombies that promptly killed me. Summary: electro has worse loot than cherno by far and the biggest amount of outright chaotic pistol gunfiring.

10min in cherno and i got 2 kobras, alice pack full of ammo+food, matches.
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