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Post dayz - statistics

So there is an awsesome thread on dayz forums where one of the admins pulls statistics from the database. The thread is a bit long and you can review it yourself but if you are short on time I'll will bravely read the whole thread full of bad posts and re-post the actual info posts with info here so you don't have to read paranoid posts along the lines of "but i thought nw airfield was my secret spot you can't post about that!!!"

After removing empty tents from servers (they will despawn after next server restart) there are currently 21952 total tents.
Current tents where the owner is still alive: 5747

Out of the 206511 players at the time of this post, about 19% of the total players play as a female survivor.

The top 3 most commonly destroyed vehicles are the:
Ikarus (the bus)

- Approximately 2.6% of all current survivor and bandits combined have NVGs.

- The distribution of coke and pepsi is pretty even. Approx 30k characters have at least one coke OR pepsi in their inventory. Roughly 23k characters have at least one coke OR pepsi in their backpack. (this may overlap).

Only 521 characters have a mountaindew in their inventory, and 738 have one in their backpack.

9.9% of the vehicles I spawned across thousand server instances have been destroyed.
The actual active vehicles is however lower than the total counted, so the percentage of destroyed portion of vehicles out of the active servers is probably higher.

If i am reading this correctly: (300k players, 2.6%) there are 7800 NVGs but only 738 mountaindew cans! O.O
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