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Default Logging in Unconscious

Not sure if I heard some of you right but is there sometimes an issue of logging in and suffering from being unconscious for a bit before you can do anything?

If so I wonder if it's a bugged effect from this (from dayzwiki) -

Symptoms If the player logs out with this status, the next time they log in they will spend a long period unconscious. It is marked by a White symbol on the HUD
Causes Shock is the status effect a player will receive after being shot at by another player or damaging themselves somehow.
Treatment This status will last for 5 minutes and is incurable.

It lasts 5 minutes and is unnoticable other than the white marker on screen (and caused by ANY damage you recieve), so could be a chance that logging on unconscious is a result of being in shock without realising... just a thought. I always used to get this confused with the broken bones icon, wasting painkillers and morphine in the process. Seems like there is no negative effect other than to relog in a bad way.
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atm it's buggy.
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