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Default TOG Wilderness Survival Handbook: Chernarus Edition

Here's a simple ( I hope) guide to surviving in the woods of Chernarus. If the hectic deathmatch style gameplay of the cities is getting you down, or you feel an understandable urge to seek out and explore other people's campsites and vehicle stashes, you need to know how to keep yourself alive and in top physical condition.

Lets start with the essential items.
Water canteens

And these really are the bare essentials. If you have a map, in many servers you can place waypoints by opening your map, holding down the left shift key and left clicking the location where you want the waypoint. A compass is useful but not essential.

A hatchet can be used to gather wood for fires and as a weapon, mostly for killing game. It's biggest advantage over conventional weapons is it is silent.

A knife is used to gut and butcher your hunting kills for meat. Then, with your matches and the wood you collected, you can build a fireplace and cook the meat. Your canteen keeps you hydrated and can be refilled at many of the ponds, lakes and dams in Chernarus.

That's the simple way to explain it. Here's some added detail. Extended stays in the wilderness usually mean exposure to the elements. When it's raining, you get cold. If you get too cold, you catch a flu and start losing health. the only way to fix this condition is with antibiotics. Either carry your own, or simply don't let yourself get cold. Build a fire and get warm if your temperature gets below 39 degrees. Keep an especially close eye on your temp in the rain or at night. If you can spare the pack space, packing some heatpacks for use in an emergency when lighting a fire would be a security risk is a smart move.

To light a fire, you need matches and wood. as mentioned before, you can harvest wood from trees, the pine trees seem to work most consistently for me. Walk up to the branches of the pine tree and open you gear menu. Left click your hatchet and click "harvest wood." You need two spare slots in your inventory for the wood pile. With the wood in your inventory, click your matches and click make fireplace. Take a step or two backwards and point down at the fireplace, then roll your mouse wheel for the option to light the fire. Once the fir is going you can cook any raw meat you have by rolling the mousewheel while pointing at the fire again.

What's that, you don't have meat? Hunting's easy. If you have a knife in your toolbelt and an axe to make the kill, you're sorted for food. Be aware, your peripheral indicators (those semi opaque white circles on the side of your screen the show up sometimes,) indicate one of two things. A vehicle or an animal. The bigger the circle, the closer and more visible the contact is. Use them to help you spot animals in the woods. Be careful of making kills in the open, too. Reason being, it takes a few seconds to approach your kill, roll the mousewheel to and wait fro the animation to gut it, press g to open your gear and transfer the raw meat from the carcass to your inventory or pack. In those few seconds, you are literally a sitting duck. One last pointer, raw meat has to be in your inventory to cook it.

Water? Simple. Go to a dam, pond or lake with canteens in your inventory. As soon as your first footstep makes a splash sound, stop. Press G, click your empty canteen and fill it. If it wont fill, take another step into the water and try again. If you start swimming you've gone to far. If your goal is long term survival, avoid waterpoints on heavily populated servers.

A tip on concealment. Surviving anywhere in chernarus is first and foremost a matter of not being spotted, the wilderness is no different. Like the towns, the biggest threat comes from other players. Pine trees are seriously your very, very best friend ever. Stand with your back to one, in it's shadow, especially in early morning or late evening, with your primary weapon lowered (double tap left control) and you're invisible to anyone approaching with the light behind them because of the tree, and invisible to anyone approaching from the other direction because the light is in their eyes and you're in shadow. Proning in them is fine too, but not as effective as the "I'm a tree" routine.
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