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Default Is it just me?

Ok, so have I simply run into a string of bad luck, or is something 'bigger' going on? I have not been killed by another player in several days...I cannot remember the last time another player killed me as a matter of fact. What HAS been killing me are 1) one-hit wonder zombies or 2) upon entering a building, 20 zombies spawning in on me. This is total bullshit. I tend to stick to deer stands and remote locations building supplies until I feel well enough equipped to venture into towns or airfields. So, I spend HOURS making my way from deer stand to deer stand, remote building to remote building, being careful not to aggro anything, building up a kit I feel worthy of more challenging environs. Only to be killed the second I step into a hanger, or a firestation, or a tower, or an apartment because of mega-zombie spawn. What. The. F*ck.
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Yeah zombies can really **** people at the moment, especially in places like airports (understandable as they have the better loot in the game) and apartments.

In the next patch (1.7.2) zombies will aggro less from noises inside buildings etc (at the moment walls don't lessen noise at all for them, so even if you're on the third floor as soon as you walk that zombie near the wall outside aggros), and will also be less likely to break legs from what I've read.

For the time being all you can do is sit as far out of sight as possible in an apartment, not move at all, and pray they give up and go back out the door. And even when they're not aggro, avoid anything other than walking pace whenever you hear those groans nearby as well.
If you have to shoot'em up your best bet is at the top of a flight of stairs. Hang back a bit from the top step and fire away while they're at the bottom. If they start getting close or you need to reload duck up the next flight and repeat.

Buildings with multiple exits are your best friend... sprint into one end, wait a few secs until all the zombie train is inside, then sprint out the other. They don't track well in buildings so just doing that loses them.

For hangars it's similar, keep near one side (but not right next to the wall!) in there, when they come in circle around them and out. As long as you're full speed and not running smack into them they can't touch you, and the exit to the hangar will slow them up.

I've lost zombie trains of 20+ easily doing these things. Once in a while they'll persist more than usual and get me, but for the most part it all works.

edit: Oh, and helicopter crash site zombies are much tougher than usual! If you're taking them on without plenty of ammo and at least a couple of morphine doses for broken legs you're crazy. lol

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