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Default Steam Sale: ARMA 2 CO $24 AUD

Save 20% on ARMA II: Combined Operations on Steam

Suck it up and buy it.

That is all.
Making everyone else look sober.
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Probably worth holding out I reckon, might get a flash/daily sale for a better price
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I dunno. Renting a movie costs about $5 a night and playing DayZ is about the same length of time and enjoyment each night. So you are potentially losing $5 in value for every day you don't get Anma2:CO if you don't already have it.
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If you don't buy the game and practice for zombie apocalypse, and a zombie eats you face when it does happen, you'll have nobody to blame but yourself.

Is there any better reason to get in the game?

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Sound advice Noises.
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I just picked it up, and because of some helpful toggers im learning things and actually killed some zombies!!!
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