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Default A Hatchet Murder

This is my very first murder in DayZ. All I had on me was a hatchet.

I stumbled upon this guy running through the forest toward a a small town. He was carrying an M16 and a revolver. He had not seen me, and I wanted those guns.

My adrenalin was pumping big time during this. I was physically shaking from nerves when it came time to deciding to move in for the kill. I was so sure I was on a suicide mission.

I screwed up the mic settings, as I had recently reassigned my key bindings for Ventrilo and TS. The only issue was that I forgot to re-assign the mic capture key in FRAPS also. Hence why you can only hear the clicks every time I press PTT in Ventrilo.

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Nice job Killer
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So what defines a murder as opposed to a bandit kill? I thought murder was when they didn't have a gun?
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well done. keep up the good work!
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Nice one MD! You really capture the intensity of the chase

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I would differ a murder from banditry, by the frequency and resoning behind the killing.
I would say bandit class would be those who prey on other players as their primary source of collecting goods. No real reason for the killing apart from shits and giggles, and collecting resources themselves would be classed as to hard, or not worthy of their time.
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LOL! Nice work mate, but it just doesn't have the same pizaz as your other videos without the standard T-Bag

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Excellent job.

Murder vs banditry is a bit of a moral grey area. I kill nearly everyone that I come into contact with that isn't a TOG member. It's not to gain loot, it's purely survival. There have been far too many instances of an armed survivor helping an unarmed survivor, only for the nice guy to be killed as soon as the 'helpless poor freshly spawned' finds a weapon. If I happen to kill someone with better gear than me, I'd be mad not to take it.
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Good kill maddog..I thought you lost him a couple of times.
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