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Default Good Game interview with the developer of DAYZ

Good Game on ABC TV had an interview with the developer of DAYZ tonight.

Worth a watch for those who are able to get the ABC iView stream.

ABC iview

Worth a watch.

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Want that shirt.
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Good Game also put up their episodes online. Just in case people can't get access to iview (or just want to download it and watch it offline)

Good Game - Video
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I am playing from work so can't view yet - anyone got a tl;dr ?
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I'm waiting for the

Talking Head: Today we have the man behind the Zombie Survival mod taking the world by storm right now, Dean "Rocket" Hall

Rocket: Hi, thanks for having me.

Talking Head: So Dean, you've heard all the...

*Rocket's phone rings*
Rocket *answering phone* Sorry, I have to take this. *talks briefly*
Rocket: Yeah sorry, something's come up and I have to go and fix it. Just put some links up for all the other interviews I've done in the last three months. Gotta go. Alpha stuff. Kseeyabye.

Talking Head: *stares at camera* Ummm....

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