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Default PC Gamer article on The War Z..

PC Gamer Article

The more I read about this the more it really sounds almost exactly like DayZ. Not that thats a bad thing

I guess it will be interesting to see what their engine is like coping with a giant persistent sandbox world though.

And some of the ideas like eyes adjusting to light sound kinda cool.
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And if you go to the War Z site you can sign up for the closed beta.

The War Z: The Survior MMO Zombie Game coming to you this fall!
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Thanks Deadzy, all signed up.
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Thanks for that, popped my email down
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"We love to read the comments, but in the end it really doesn’t affect our development in any way."

At least he's honest

Have signed up for the beta - on the off chance this isn't an investor scam - cause it sure reads like one.
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I think a lot of us who liked Wasteland RPG from Interplay and the Fallout series were really looking forward to a persistent sandboxed Fallout MMO. Now that the legal issues have been resolved I'm sure someone will resurrect the idea eventually.

I wouldn't mind seeing the character development being something similar if not exactly like it was in the Fallout games.

I'm also not entirely sold on there being in-game objectives. It adds something of an artificial stimulus where players will expect to get something for accomplishing them.

To me the Survival aspect is the most interesting. Not knowing who is friend or foe, finding tools to help with survival, building a camp, skirmishing, and becoming a "veteran" should be enough to keep people going for quite some time.

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Alpha game play video for war z: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL1b...yer_detailpage

FrankieonPCin1080p commentary:

I am signed up to the beta, so hopefully will get to see it for myself, but it has some pretty big expectations, set by DayZ, to live up to.
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